Current Projects

AUDIOMAIL is a year long collaborative project of Alexis Bhagat and Christophe Albertijn that invites a variety of informal audio archives to contribute to the Fahrenheit 451 library. Alexis Bhagat will mail an invitation to every living composer/poet/producer included in Richard Kostelanetz’s “Audio Art Archive”, a collection of cassette tapes from the 1970s – 1990s. The “Audio Art Archive” is the subject of a lecture called “Some

POLITICS AND OTHER WORDS is a memoir wherein I remember the meaning of the word “politics” at different points in his life, beginning around age five, and pursuing various tangents that come up. I have been working on it off and on since about 2010. A first section – Mongolia – was published as a small edition in 2013, and is available at Printed Matter and Amazon. Second section – 1989forthcoming.

THE CENTER FOR ENCHANTMENT acts as a catalyst for art making activities at the intersection of song/sound, rhythm, and geography/place. (For example, but not limited to, processions, walks, conversations, rituals, sited musical installations.) The center also presents educational activities that support the production and reception of commissioned artworks and activities, such as artist talks, film presentations, and reading groups. The Center for Enchantment is located on Grand Street, in Albany NY, and seeks to create offerings and collaborations that animate the communities (past and present, human and non-human) of this place.

"IN THE SHADOW OF THE STATE" or SOS, is an Albany, NY based anarchist collective created to build connection and community by hosting a variety of events culminating in a non-academic scholarly conference in summer 2020 in and around the Albany Free School.

THE FREE SCHOOL AT 50 is a year long initiative that celebrates all that Free School has accomplished in the last half-century, and builds a foundation for the next half-century. Kicking off on September 18 and continuing through the 2019-2020 school year.


Alexis Bhagat is a writer operating in the art-world. Prior to 2007, he was a practicing sound artist, and his works included installations, tape-collages, and radio broadcasts. In 2007, An Atlas of Radical Cartography, a book project conceived and co-edited with artist Lize Mogel, spun off into an art exhibition that travelled to over 20 cities, where Bhagat organized intergenerational dialogues on the past and future of maps and the meaning of pictures of the earth in the digital age. Alongside the itinerary of An Atlas, he created pop-up sound art exhibitions in empty storefronts, lectured on sound art in Canada, India, Japan, and across the USA, and started an organization – ((audience)) – dedicated to presenting sound art in movie theaters with curator Lauren Rosati. Other projects have included Sound & Language, a bookshop and distributor of magazines and recordings based in Richard Kostelanetz' “Wordship II” (2011-2013), and XFR STN, a “pop-up moving image archive project” conceived by artist Alan Moore, and produced by the New Museum in New York (2013). Bhagat currently lives in New York's Hudson Valley, where he is completing a book called Politics and Other Words, works as the director of the Albany Public Library Foundation, and organizes readings with the St. Rocco's Poetry Collective